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Your Vision is Beachley Co.’s Passion, Mission, and Canvas

At Beachley Co., your vision is our passion, mission, and the canvas we use to create exquisite furniture, cabinets, and millwork. Our team of artisans are skilled at bringing your vision to life by listening to what you want and using their expertise to deliver finished products to both residential and commercial clients, across all mediums. From steel to wood, our specialists do it all. The Beachley Co. process begins with a conversation with you. Over the years, we’ve found that so many of our clients know what they want but are unable to find it in stores or pre-fabricated woodworking companies. So we begin with a sketch on graphing paper and continue from there, with a focus on leveraging the high-quality work our employees do to manufacture innovative custom furniture, cabinetry, and built-ins.

beachley employee installing new custom desk

We’ve Never Wavered From Our Quality-First Philosophy

Ezra, the first generation of the 6 in furniture manufacturing, said it best, Quality First. Over the years, each member of the family has passed that ethos down to the next generation. Now over 130 years and six generations later Ezra’s great, great, great grandson, Ryan Beachley is manufacturing a new path with Beachley Co. Technology has changed along the way, but the family has never wavered from our quality-first philosophy. Instead, we’ve harnessed the advantages technology has afforded us and used it to deliver even more innovative work to our clients. As Ryan loves to say: “Our model and process is not the ordinary way of doing things. It’s unique, it’s custom, it’s Beachley Co.”

Beachley Co. Serves Both Residential and Commercial Clients

We’ve served both commercial and residential customers in the DC Metro-area proudly by offering meticulously-designed and crafted woodworking to all of our clients. Our artisans are seasoned and experienced, making our mill the ideal destination for your next custom project. We offer custom millwork, furniture, restaurant seating, cabinetry, shelving, moldings, doors, and much more. To learn more about Beachley Co., contact our office today.

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